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We are a distribution company that cares not just about the products we sell but about the lives of the people who use them;

The people who work to provide them to our customers, shoppers and consumers as well as those in the communities in which we operate our businesses.

As a result, we commit ourselves to selling only products or services that we will personally use for our own families – it’s not always about profit.

We realize that our business can be a force for good in making people’s lives a little bit better and we take that responsibility very seriously.
This has shaped our corporate priorities and values, influencing every aspect of our commercial operations.
We believe that our job is not just to meet the needs of our stakeholders, but to provide them with such exceptional service that they are left in amazement at the quality of the experience.


To our consumers, we assure you that we will provide you with the highest quality products and service that will surpass your expectations. We will only sell products to you that we and our families would use.
To our employees, we pledge to give you a fair, supportive working environment that empowers you to be innovative, productive and ambitious and creates a high level of job satisfaction.
To our customers, we are committed to servicing your orders within 24 hours and always having stock available to keep your shelves stocked. We endeavor to supply the most innovative, contemporary, life enhancing products and supplies and standby to provide support and service within 24 hours.
To our suppliers, we promise to partner with you in making your brands readily available to the right customers at the right time and at the right place, and honor our financial commitments in a timely manner. We will aggressively market your products and always aspire towards brand dominance in every category.

Early AA LAQUIS print campaign highlighting testimonials from users of our products.

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