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Medical Equipment and Supplies

Anthony A. Laquis

Founder (1948)

The Heart of AA LAQUIS

Taking Good Care Of Caribbean People
Has Always Been at the forefront of the AA LAQUIS business.

We are one of the largest indigenous companies that enhance the quality of lives within our regional community. Started in 1948 as a haberdashery store by Anthony Abraham Laquis Snr, it was later expanded by his eldest son Abraham A. Laquis.

The organization is now managed by the third generation of the Laquis family and has since evolved into a diversified business model encompassing several companies in the Medical, Food and Consumer, Pharmaceutical, Emergency, as well as Retail sectors.

Our strong heritage over the last 67 years has been rooted in traditional family values, providing a solid foundation built on stability, integrity and reliability.


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Sherrise Rampersad

I bought the Rosabella wine for both my wedding and my cousins wedding, it’s the best non-alcoholic wine ever.

Alana Ruiz-Rogers

I continue to shop here because it have everything I need in health care , and the prices are reasonable

Pat Khan