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For 200 Years, Wisdom Toothbrushes Has Been Dedicated To Looking After Your Smile. Founded By A Man Globally Recognized As The Inventor Of The Modern Day Toothbrush, This Brand Is Dedicated To Delivering Expertly Designed Oral Care Products That Help In Achieving Great Oral Care Health. From The Ergonomic Rubber Grip To The Ribbed Tongue Cleaner, Wisdom Toothbrushes Are Made For Maximum Brushing Control.

Wisdom Sensitive Defence Toothbrush

Wisdom Sensitive Defence Toothbrush Is Designed To Be Gentle On Sensitive Teeth And Gums And Helps To Prevent Damage To Enamel Caused By Over Brushing.

  • Up to 60% more gentle
  • Gentle cleaning action
  • Super slim filament tips
  • Helps prevent overbrushing

Wisdom Uv Pro Whitening Toothbrush

Wisdom UV Pro Whitening brush offers 70% better stain removal to help give you that whiter smile.

  • In between cleaning
  • Fresher breath
  • Greater plaque removal

Wisdom Extra Clean Tooth Brush

Wisdom Xtra Clean brush is designed with angled filaments and a long reach handle to ensure effective cleaning of hard-to-reach-places

  • Angled cleaning tip
  • Long reach handle
  • Angled filaments

Wisdom Regular Fresh Toothbrush

Wisdom Regular Fresh toothbrush is a total mouth cleaning brush with multi-layer filaments and a built-in tongue cleaner at the back of the head

  • Easy grip handle
  • Long reach tip
  • Built in tongue cleaner
  • Comes in twin and triple pack options

Love Your teeth…Floss More!

Plackers® is a trusted brand with a history of providing the highest quality products that are easy and convenient to use. Since pioneering the first dental flosser, patented over 40 years ago, Plackers® has helped brighten the smiles of millions, redefining the ease, comfort and convenience of flossing. Plackers® is committed to helping meet a variety of oral care needs with its comprehensive line of dental flossers. With its Super Tuffloss® hi-performance floss and easy-grip handle, Plackers® is specially engineered to remove debris from even the tightest teeth.

Plackers Micro Mint Flosser – 90 Count

Plackers Micro Mint Flosser with its refreshing mint flavour, ves you that ultimate fresh clean feeling

  • Mint flavour
  • Protected pick
  • Super slim filament tips
  • Super-Floss hi performance floss

Plackers Twin Line Flosser – 75 Count

Plackers Twin Line flosser brings true innovation to flossing, with its patented design with two parallel lines of Super-Floss

  • Twin Line dual action flosser
  • Advanced whitening formula brightens enamel between teeth
  • Greater plaque removal

Plackers Right Angle Flosser – 75 Count

  • Right angle design provides easy access for teeth
  • Brightens enamel between teeth
  • Advanced whitening formula

Plackers Gentle Fine Flosser – 90 Count

Plackers gentle fine has soft hiperformance Floss that are Gentle on the gums yet durable Enough to penetrate tight teeth

  • Slides smoothly between tight teeth
  • Removes plaque